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  • We stand for friendship between peoples!

    Concept of international friendship became the dominant one in our creative work. Unique cultural experiment that turned into mutual mission. You will be surprised what a warm support the audience gives to this idea – our guests sing along with us, join in dancing and burst into applause.

  • We are fond of our work!

    True cultural awareness is needed in order to enjoy a creative work. And we succeeded in enjoying our work! Along with songs and dances we study history of the peoples and do our best to get a feel of it.

  • MARUSYA is an impressive and versatile show!

    Sophisticated vocalism, fascinating choreography, tricks, audience participation, good humour and genuinely positive attitude stitched together with the idea of international friendship. 100% and above success is always ensured because we never rest on our laurels.

  • We are a team of professionals

    A truly serious approach to the standards of performance provides the highest results in solving challenging creative tasks. We have constant rehearsals, we own a small room for our classes, a recording studio and a wardrobe.

  • All inclusive

    We’ll ease event organizers of any care regarding performance of our group. We make arrangements for transport facilities, microphones, soundman and whatever is required. You only need to engage MARUSYA in your event and we’ll take care of all the hidden dangers in the management of performance.


Finalists show
«Minute of Fame - The Road to Olympus"
The participants of the cultural program
Olympics in Sochi in 2014
Winners of the festival
commercial art "Southern Elephant"

About Marusya

The artist of this performance group from Krasnodar City became real stars thanks to Russia’s Got Talent (Minuta Slavy) on Channel 1. They appear on radio and television, excite interest among masters and longtime experts and send a good hearted and positive message of international friendship. But above all else they present a splendid and impressive show that allows nobody to be an indifferent spectator. They sing passionately and dance lively. It is hardly too much to say that folk-group MARUSYA is the only one in the world!!! They appeared triumphantly on the same stage with ABBA, FLO RIDA, Philip Kirkorov, Sofia Rotaru, Leonid Agutin, Andrea Bocelli and many more other artists. They are recognized by the Kuban Cossack Chorus and their own song Keep The Fire Alive was performed at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Members of the group are the coloured students from universities of Krasnodar – soon-to-be African oil-industry experts, software developers, engineers and building designers who are assumed to be so far apart from a creative work. But that’s just the cause of MARUSYA’s singularity. They entered this cultural experiment eventually after rendering the Cossack song “Marusya” at an event arranged by PARTYLAND Agency and ever since their performance of Russian songs in a highly original style became their own brand. Their creative work is free from mockery, according to opinion of Larisa Guzeeva they try to sing original songs from their hearts. According to their own story, any one of them once got a feeling in his or her heart for folk songs and thus discovered generous spirit and open mind of Russian people. It does not matter that our artists are from Cote d'Ivoire or Congo, they start to think in the Russian style and nothing matters more.

Pavel Chelahov artistic director

MARUSYA is a prominent example of nations coming closer together through culture! Folk songs can work marvels and we have learned it at first hand. The group emerged from a brain wave. One of our entertainers, coloured students from Africa, sang the refrain of the famous Cossack song ““Marusya, one, two, three” just for fun one time ago at the rehearsal. And we found it really fascinating. Unusual sounding of a well-known lyrics presented by a foreigner was rather intriguing. Far-from-perfect articulation and vocalism create confidence for some reason. That’s the paradox! Folk songs have all-powerful inner energy and vitality that impact not only Russian people or Cossacks but any open-hearted person as well. Of course, we are used to traditional performance of folk songs but there we have something quite different – persons from another continent plunge deep into our culture, come to feeling its unspeakable energy and try their best to get the message across to the audience in its true value. In addition to our favourite genre of folk songs we work at present over a programme of our own pop songs. We prepare the repertoire all by ourselves and the basic concept is the same – positive attitude and international friendship. We hope sincerely that our message will be perceived by as many people as possible.

Sergey Tushkanov administrator

Our group is self-supported completely – we hold rehearsals, make costumes, prepare concert items, record music in a studio, go on concert tours. The very first performance was at a Russian-American wedding where song “Marusya” was presented as an example of cultural integration and modern internationalism. Our performance sparked real furor at that time. Guests from around the world just did not let us go from the stage. We all were greatly inspired and even at that time it was evident – the group had a future!




Victor Gavrilovic Zaharchenko

Kuban Cossack Choir

I am familiar with creative work of MARUSYA folk-group. And I see absolutely nothing untoward about it. By way of example, the Kuban Cossack Chorus visited different continents. We sing songs in various languages – Japanese, Chinese, Serbian, Bulgarian among them. It is absolutely normal that we sing songs of other nations in their languages. And when foreign persons come to our country and sing our songs in Russian, even if with faulty pronunciation, this is a good thing, not bad one. I will be glad to know that “Unharness The Horses, Guys!” spans over the globe. It will be the evidence of good neighborly relations developed between nations. This is because the knowledge in culture of a nation allows us to penetrate its innermost feelings and tastes.

Alexander Zhukov

President of the Russian Olympic Committee

Excellent concert item, good Cossacks, both men and women. It is just the second team of the Cossack Chorus! I believe this group will have enormous popularity in our country!

Larissa Guzeyeva


I am impressed with your respect for Cossack creativity, and it is pleasant to note that there is no mockery in your performance. You sang with an open sound, you sang correctly, it was admirable! Thank you so much!

Igor Kirillov


Really, it is a specialty! All the more so because MARUSYA represents our sunny city of Krasnodar, the place to master dancing and singing!

Marina Neyolova


I see young, handsome excellent singers, all in white, under the name of MARUSYA, the form and the content are in harmony! Fine! Thank you!

Irina Viner

Olympic team coach

The group has got a really perfect Artistic Director who is a creative leader for them! So beautiful boys and girls they are! And also, they perform this 2-meter jump and it is so cool – they can go to Moiseyev Ballet right now with such jumps! The dancing and acrobatic tricks are cool as well. I want to say that they are the best!

Yelena Isinbayeva

Olympic champion

In the first place I want to thank you very much for your perfect singing in Russian! You have splendid voices and so beautiful song that can be intended for the Olympic Anthem in Sochi. In my personal perception the song is very emotional!

Margarita Drobyazko


This performance just has a great sentimental value for me and I even think about using the music in my skating programme. I’m impressed by their expressive style, the concert item is tremendous!

Alexander Maslyakov


I’m too thrilled for words... That’s true, you are capable of everything! All honour to you! Thank you!

Lyama Vajkule


They surprised me! I just wanted to break into a dance!

Alexander Oleshko


I’m lost in admiration! You are wonderful!!!


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Gil-Alain Aliman

Côte d'Ivoire

We’ve begun to study history and discover many new things. We’ve begun to compare emotions and sensitivities of our nations. And we are so much alike in this regard! Our forefathers were in constant fight for freedom. Cossack songs are full of the related ideas, that is why we sing these songs enthusiastically as for our good neighbours! And people give encouragement to us!

Tchape Sidjui Leopold


We do not mean any offence or jest about matters of great significance. We simply try to let people see that their culture, their songs can be popular all over the world! Our folks in our home countries have already learned Cossack songs. They sing these songs and everybody enjoy it!

Kakou Abekan Anne Karen Raissa

Côte d'Ivoire

Russia is a marvellous country! Warm-hearted and handsome people live here. And their songs have great depth of meaning, whether sorrowful or merry but always sincere!

Diomande Ble Hugues

Côte d'Ivoire

Of course, none of us is trained professionally in folk music. But we live in Kuban, we love the local flavour, people and culture. We deal with remarkable persons in Cossack villages and with artist, we take our lead from them and therefore we sing Cossack songs.

Cheick Omar

Côte d'Ivoire

A great part of the audience welcomes us warmly. After our performance people often and more especially in Cossack villages come to us to express their gratitude for a concert, to give us some advice, to show their unaffected joy, to share songs with us and even to help us with dancing. To tell the truth, sometimes we meet people of a different kind. When this occurs we are open to dialogue and try to understand the attitude of such a person.

Bahounguimina Jude Lister Blaine


MARUSYA is a versatile show, it needs not only singing or dancing but advanced tricks also. We examine shows by professional choirs and learn from examples. After all, it is a real delight to get applauses from our audience!

N`Guessan Dibbykan Larissa Simone

Côte d'Ivoire

I like our creative work in every sense! It helps us to be persons of great erudition and to know better the host country. Strange to say, it helps even in our education by stimulating our hidden creative talents.

Maguiraga Abraham

Côte d'Ivoire

We know that nothing matters more than PEACE for a person. Your place of birth and skin colour are of no importance. The main thing is whether you are able to find something good in people and keep the fire alive in your heart.


Côte d'Ivoire

I welcome the opportunity to be a member of MARUSYA group because it is also a team of good people and real friends. We’ll finish our studies in Russia and go back to work in our countries with a warm and grateful remembrance of this time.

N'djomon N'DA Michael

Côte d'Ivoire

MARUSYA is a weapon! The weapon against nationalism. All of us are against it! We want to live in a world where ethnic origin is only a part of personal culture and not a fence to cut off from the folks about us.

Poline Peshekhonova


Despite the fact that I was born and raised in Russia, the scope of MARUSYA’s activity is a very near concern of mine. International friendship defends us from war, it makes the world better. I wish each and all come to understanding it one day.

Kone Oniphia Franck Stephen

Côte d'Ivoire

It so happened that it was here where my creativity was unlocked. I’ve come to understanding that I have a gift for singing and my voice join in chorus. It is important to be on the team and give joy to folks!

Tepe Jonathan Beugre

Côte d'Ivoire

I have mastered a Caucasian drum and can tap a rhythm of lezghinka as good as trained musicians. It was a real job to master the instrument but boys supported me and there was a progress. Now people are surprised at my drumming and delighted with it. I’m very pleased to see their feelings.

N'djomon Armel Fabrice

Côte d'Ivoire

I like travels, tours, performances, concerts. It means new acquaintances, personal interaction with interesting people and navigating my own life. My thanks for the opportunity go to MARUSYA!


As on the mountain



Keep the fire


  • World’s only group of such a kind!
  • Creative surprise – “Wow” factor comes into action!
  • Splendid show – vocal singing, choreography, interactive events!
  • Excellent balance between fair prices and heaps of impressions!
  • All inclusive – we take charge of all arrangements!
  • Positive, smiling, nice people

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